Martin Shelter Blanket


   Martin Shelter Blanket, Inc.   


We are Rich and Laurie Martin.  We founded Martin Shelter Blanket, Inc. in November of 2017.  We wanted to help our community during the holidays and decided to make Thanksgiving dinner for a local homeless shelter.  While at the shelter we discovered they were in need of blankets and this had been an ongoing problem.  We learned that many shelters in our community needed blankets including our local animal shelters.  We immediately knew making blankets for displaced people and animals was the project for us.  Our desire to help grew quickly and in February of 2018 we became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

With the generous donations of our neighbors, local businesses, and surrounding communities, we are able to hand craft and provide a comforting blanket to our friends in need.  This includes and is not limited to homeless shelters, animal shelters, emergency response teams, police and fire departments.  

We thank our board members Victor Herman and Chad Miller for their invaluable support and guidance.  Additionally we thank all our families and friends for their love and dedication to us and our organization.  A Special thank you to Rob C Martin III for our logo design.

Along this journey we have met many wonderful people.  Both giving people and people in need that have truly inspired us by their courage and strength.  We are grateful to be a part of this project and we hope our blankets offer comfort and warmth to all in need.

Martin Shelter Blanket Inc.