Hello, my name is Michael. But you can call me "Bigg Mike". I became a Browns Backer in 2007 and then joined the local Backer chapter here in Lancaster Ohio. As an over the road truck driver, I was never able to participate in any Backer activities because of my work schedule.

Then......along with the end of the exciting 2018 Browns football season and a change in my job position, I thought I'd try to contact the local Browns Backer chapter here in order to get ready to "Join in the fun" for 2019. When I went to get their information, on the Browns Backers Worldwide website, I found that the local Backer chapter had folded. Could it have been because of the previous 1-31 record over the past two years......Could it??

As a fan of the Browns since 1964, (because that is when I was born) and knowing there had to be many like me here in the Lancaster area, this could not stand !! So, I went to the Cleveland Browns web site and found that I could start a new chapter here in town !! After meeting the requirements set forth by the Browns Backers Worldwide, on March 20th of 2019 the Glass City Browns Backers were approved as the new Browns chapter here in Lancaster Ohio !!

The name "Glass City" represents Lancaster Ohio's nick name which comes from its rich glass manufacturing history.

The first order of business was to come up with a chapter logo. After sending several versions to the Cleveland Browns, one was finally approved.

Browns Backers Worldwide is considered to be one of the largest organized fan clubs in all of professional sports with members and clubs established throughout the world. Browns Backers Worldwide exists as a non-profit organization to actively support and positively promote the Cleveland Browns.

In April of 2019 we met with Adam, the General manager of  Buffalo Wild Wings of Lancaster Ohio, and established our watch party location. Buffalo Wild Wings is a great partner with GCBB and have made accommodations and specials available to our membership. We meet there for every preseason and regular season Cleveland Browns game.

On September 16th, 2019 and in celebration of the 50TH anniversary of the Cleveland Browns vs The defending Superbowl champion, New York Jets (We kicked their butts by the way 31-21 and Namath threw 3 interceptions) Earnest Byner hosted our watch party !! What a GREAT Cleveland Brown and all around person. Earnest spent the night signing autographs, taking pictures, mingling with our members and yes....talking about the "Fumble". Personally, if it wasn't for Earnest pulling us out of a hole in that game, we would be talking about the "Blow Out" in Denver not the fumble.

To this day, Earnest has maintained a close bond with our group. During the Covid 19 pandemic, Earnest has personally called members experiencing hardships and offered a sympathetic ear.

On October 23rd, 2019 we received our Incorporate Certification with the State of Ohio. And On November 15th, 2019 we became a public charity and received our 501 (c) (3) Nonprofit status with the IRS. As a Nonprofit, we are making preparations to extend our involvement with local charities.

One of our goals will be to support the Lancaster Ohio Youth Football league by subsidizing registration fees. All boys and girls interested in playing football shouldn't be left behind because of financial limitations.

Why not join in our adventure and add yourself to the story. Become a member TODAY !! Its as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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See You Soon !!